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Christians in and Around Boyton Beach, FL!
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This is a fledgling community designed to bring together people of all ages and all denominations who live in Boynton Beach, FL, and the surrounding areas. Please also feel free to introduce yourself (name, age, faith, location, etc...) and post information about the services and church activities you attend. I invite you to share your ideas and thoughts on anything Christian, ranging from thoughts of Jesus and Christian books to current events as they relate to Scripture. I am looking to expand and also tighten our area's Christian community.

A few rules:
1) Though this community has open membership, in order to maintain a positive environment, you can be banned.
2) No fould language or indecent photos. This will result in banning.
3) Debate and dialogue are very welcome. Arguments and rudeness are not.
4) Use lj-cuts when necessary (i.e. long posts, large pictures, etc...).

Please email me if you find any of the above violations.